Emmanuel Hospice

Emmanuel Hospice is an interfaith partnership with four faith-based organizations offering over 200 years experience in providing the highest quality of personalized health care in West Michigan. We work as an interdisciplinary team, providing all levels of hospice care, and embrace a holistic approach in our care of patients as well as families. We focus on educating patients and families about choices that are available, offering options and respecting decisions. At Emmanuel("God with Us") Hospice, our goal is to enhance the time that remains by caring for our patients with exemplary spiritual and physical care creating a peaceful experience for the dying and their loved ones.
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Contact Information

  • 2161 Leonard Street Northwest
  • Grand Rapids, 
  • Michigan
  • 49504
  • (616) 719-0919

Hospice Overview

  • Facility Type
    Freestanding Hospice
  • Medicare/Medicaid Eligible
  • Certification and/or Accreditation
    Medicare, CHAP
  • Why people choose our hospice

    We are a smaller team which can offer more personalized care, and intensely focus on the desires and needs of the patient and family during this life transition. Our partner organizations are St. Ann's Home, Clark, Porter Hills, and Sunset Retirement Communities and Services, and able us to collaborate for the greater good of West Michigan families. We are a non-profit, faith based Hospice organization, guided daily by our mission, vision, and values. Visit us at http://www.emmanuelhospice.org to hear more!


  • Visit us at http://www.emmanuelhospice.org to hear more!